Benefits of International Call Forwarding Services


Changing your business telephone numbers can be rather a hassle because you have to contact a considerable number of companies and people who contact you by phone so as to allow them to know that your phone number is about to change. Habitually, some of them will not get the message or will disregard, meaning that you are required to call them several times so as to get them to start calling the right phone number. This can take lots of valuable time, and depending on who has to call you, it might have grave implications for the personal finances of your business. The finest way to resolve this problem is to opt for a call forwarding international service so that your international calls will be forwarded to the appropriate number automatically.

How international call forwarding service works?

The working principle of call forwarding international and the domestic call forwarding service is same. You just enter the required details into the online form of the service you are going to use, including the phone number you would like to port and the new target phone number. Subsequently, the call forwarding business will contact you to complete the procedure. Even, if you are not familiar with the way to port your phone number to a new call forwarding service, you can rest guaranteed that the phone services business handles all of the practical matters. You just have to give them the required information to accomplish their job.


Why international call forwarding service is necessary?

In the modern day’s dynamic business setting, most businesses count more on global trade. The international call forwarding service offers a cost-efficient way to attain the must-have worldwide presence, by just giving businesses the prospect to own a practical toll free number or a local number in any country or city all over the world.

In spite of the significance of accessing overseas markets, one among the biggest concerns of a business is to know the way to overcome the obstacles to global growth and establishing contacts with overseas partners or clients overseas devoid of carrying the set overhead. On the other hand, Call forwarding international services would allow companies of all sizes to gain access to any global market devoid of the burden of conducting an offshore operation.

However, for the business, the international call forwarding service would introduce a whole novel way to have a global presence. Nowadays, successful businesses have a global presence and often count on an international call forwarding service as a powerful global marketing and sales tool. This service is a simple and cost-efficient method for offering businesses with immense support.

How an international call forwarding service assists to grow a business?

International call forwarding is precious for international trade and similar applications. It is a straightforward and low-effort resolution to the problem of manifold phone numbers. Call forwarding international is an inexpensive way to combine your phone lines, and the expediency is well worth the money and it’s best to learn about phone forwarding benefits before making your decision. Actually, international call forwarding is one among the most helpful phone services that do not come packed with regular voice packages.

Call forwarding international is also a cheap way of communication. By establishing local phone numbers, a business can have phone calls in other worldwide markets forwarded to a call center or to an office. The client is supported devoid of placing a long distance call. With no tool in place, a business is just an overseas entity to local clients devoid of the benefit of a local brand. This marketing plan is a vital one for companies that would like to expand their markets globally.

A call forwarding international services also make the process of adjusting the phone service easy. When an incident, such as a hurricane, tornado or other calamity happens, which can stop trade cold, the call forwarding service will guarantee operations that do not need to stop. Incoming phone calls are automatically forwarded to the chosen number and by no means, clients have to feel the pain of the suspended service.

Additionally, call forwarding international is a vital sales tool, particularly when combined with a toll free phone number. Clients are more likely to carry out their global business with an association if it is easily available. The competitive benefit offered to the sales team is adequate to drive strong increases in returns.


When you are thinking about investing in a call forwarding international service, you should consider the number of international callers, who might be trying to contact you through your original phone number. The higher that amount is, the additional sense it makes for you to acquire a call forwarding service in place. The promptness and importance of the phone calls also have an effect. If the international calls are more frequent and important, then it is more supportive to opt for a call forwarding service to reduce the amount of time you are required to spend on connecting the callers.

How to Signup for an International Toll Free or Local Phone Number

Hello. This is a rather informal, but hopefully informative video showing you how to use United World Telecom to sign up for an international toll free number and/or local business numbers from more than 90 countries throughout the world and literally thousands of cities. We are going to elect, as our example, to get a local forwarding number from Rome to the United States. So, we’re going to click on local forwarding numbers, we stay within our page website. I’m still looking a local forwarding numbers within World Call forwarding and we could use either of these two lengths to get to the secure signup page. Rates calculator and view features in secure signup both reach the same secure signup site. We know it’s secured because we now changed it to https, which indicates the secure site. So, any information given here is going to be secure as it would for any other shopping cart or any other service that requires your credit card or billing information.

Choose Your Country

So, we’ve used as our example or are using as our example a local number in Rome. So, the first thing we want to do is to choose our country, Italy. If we wanted a international toll free number we would just default here to toll free and/or the further — the destination information and continue. We want the city within the country or Italy, namely Rome. And I am shocked to see that there are hundreds of cities here available to us within Italy. We are here clicking now; I’m going to enter my office number, we need to use a real number or that’s not going to work.

And these are the list of plans that we have, Basic, Value, Power, Premium and Enterprise. The higher the number of minutes the lower the cost per minute. I cannot answer for you which is the best plan for you but know that anytime during the life of the account you can switch from plan to plan if you find or need lesser or greater numbers of minutes. The most popular is Power, I think it just happens to be the a good combination, not the perfect combination, cost per minute and number of minutes used in a given month, we just have more and more people at least start with this if not use it all the time. So, let’s skip down the add per cart and by the way you did notice that when you will scroll pass you will get very informative pop-up windows that will detail more information based on this destination number. So, for example, this is going to be pertinent information on the United States.

Placing an Order

This popup rollover option is very important because that’s a unique service to us, which allows you to take minutes that are unused in a given month and add them to the subsequent month. So, you lose none of that premium that you’ve paid. Let’s proceed add to cart. I did begin this earlier, I entered one of my company names, which is, I added my name, my email address. Just to move us along you will see here that I have subscribed for the Power plan, which is $78.95 per month. Rome is the local number that I wanted; it’s going to ring to my office here in the United States. This is my cost for the balance of the month. I am making this video after about one week in a given month, so I don’t pay for that week, I only pay the balance. So that’s why it shows just my total from this particular month. I continue, I am not going to complete this both for time reasons and because quite frankly if I click down here to continue, I am going to place an order. So, I already have the numbers that I need throughout the world. I don’t need another one, this is just for an example, but you would complete this info. You will create a password because you’re going to create an account and that account will allow you to do all the things that you would want to with your number. You will be able to view your calls, you will be able to see pertinent information about those calls. You will also be able to change the ring-to number at any point in time, in real time. So, for example, if you’re going to be away for three days and you wanted to change it to a different number within the office or elsewhere you can change the number. You can back after your three-day vacation, change it back, it will change in real time, meaning it changes right away, we’re not waiting for permission or anyone to make that change for us.

You would complete this info, enter the security code as witnessed here so we know it’s from a human being. Click the terms and conditions that you agree to, obviously you can read them if you choose. And this indicates all the secure payment options that we have and the money back guarantee as for the life of the account. If at any point in time you find that the service is not needed anymore or just needs to be delayed for a 90-day period or whatever you can cancel or pause the account and there will be no cost to you and any funds that are in the account would be returned to you. You can reach them at any time at United World Telecom. This is my specific email address and I will include the page at the end of this video that has that information for you. So, hopefully, that’s been helpful. Hopefully, I guide you as needed. But, if further information is needed or you have any concerns feel free to get in touch with us. Again, I will at the end of this video have a page that gives full information how to reach us and you should just be able to click on that and generate an email or reach our contact pages.

So, thanks for reading and good luck.

International Call Forwarding with Skype Worldwide


I’ve had a few request for information about how it is that I have three worldwide phone numbers and it’s all through my Skype account. So if you don’t already have a Skype account, you can just download Skype for free at and I’ve got the old version here but I just wanted to show you quickly how it is that you can set up a worldwide subscription. You can actually — if you’ve already got Skype, just literally go into your account through your account and go through there. But just for this demonstration, I went to Google and typed in Skype worldwide subscriptions and just choosing one of the ones here. I’ve actually got the Skype worldwide subscription that gives me three phone numbers anywhere in the world that I choose all for the price of, well it’s 12.95 US per month. I actually pay 14.95 Australian per month and I can actually choose what countries I’m wanting to have phone numbers based out of but the subscription actually gives me unlimited calls to the landlines in all of these countries here.

Calling All Around the World

The cool thing is that it also allows me to call mobile friends who have cellphones in the United States and Canada and a couple of other places or look, you can even call mobile friends in China now as well and Hong Kong. But yeah, the good thing is that from a web presence, I don’t have to advertise my home phone number anyway which is something that I definitely didn’t want to have happen. But what I’ve got now is I’ve got a web presence that says basically I’ve got a US office, a United Kingdom office and an Australian office. They are the three phone numbers that I chose to have and the good part is for this ridiculously low price per month, I am calling all around the world.

So, if I’m calling a country that’s not listed on here, I still actually just pay a really, really low rate through the Skype credit but pretty much most of the calls I make to countries that are on this list here. So it cost me nothing to make the call, I have the $12.95 per month, I’ve got three phone numbers and it’s just awesome. The other side of it is that with your actual Skype account, you actually automatically get a voicemail box.

Purchasing a Forwarding Number and Skype Friends Worldwide

So you can record your own voicemail greeting and just make sure you turn your Skype off at night. So otherwise, you’ll hear it ringing in the middle of the night if you’re not in the right time zone but I can pick up these messages the next day and just call people back. I can even do international call forwarding. So, if my computer is turned off, I can just literally set up international call forwarding and if I divert the call through to a landline, I pay nothing because Australia is on the list for the unlimited calls.

If I call forward through to my mobile phone here in Australia, I do pay a minimum rate for that to go through but if you’re in the United States or Canada, you won’t actually even pay for international call forwarding there either. So it’s very, very, very cost effective, very convenient and yes, like I say it gives me a perception online that I have offices all around the world. If you were just wanting to – if you’re not wanting to actually make the most of making the phone calls, you can actually just buy a US toll free number outright. I think the cost in the United States just to buy one phone number is about $60 or so.  I know I paid originally $80 for my first phone number before I even realized that this subscription existed.

Only Pay a Local Cost

So I would highly recommend just going with this subscription whether you’re wanting to have one phone number or all three and make the most of making your calls from your computer from Skype. You can even have a Skype away number meaning that if you are out on the road, you can use your phone to call through to a local number – you’re only paying a local cost then and call anywhere in the world with it. So incredibly good value. Go Skype, I love it. It works well. I’ve had it now for nearly two years so hope that helps and see you on the world wide web. Bye for now.

Innovation Pavilion

Innovation Pavilion

The “Innovation Pavilion” hosted 55 promising Israeli Start Up companies

Telecom Israel 2006 Exhibition and Conference, the leading communication event in the High-Tech industry in Israel, presented this year the “Innovation Pavilion” within the exhibition grounds, with many successful start-ups.

This year, MATIMOP (Israeli Industry Center for R&D) on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor together with IMA (Israel Mobile Association), have endorsed the Israeli start-up companies who presented in the pavilion. New integrated demos showed a variety of integrated services for the first time at the Innovation Pavilion.

MATIMOP and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute organize a Partnering event to enable foreign visitors to meet Israeli companies in prescheduled one-on-one meetings. The Partnering event will take place on November 7th and 8th.

IMA, Israel Mobile Association, is a non-profit organization aimed at enhancing the competitive edge of the Israeli mobile industry.


Why Getting an Israel Phone Number is Important


Israel is one of the most sophisticated countries in the world. It has a very high GDP and is home to the largest technology and communication firms in the world. Its diverse economy and ability to grow startup companies is why every country and every business wants to be associated with Israel. However, setting up a business in Israel may not be very economical. This is where getting an Israel phone number might be of great help.

Israel Virtual Phone Number

With an Israel virtual phone number, you can have your friends and family call you from Israel with local rates. This virtual number enables you to use Israel phone code no matter where you are in the world. You can do business with people in Israel as if you are a local or work with people from other countries as an Israel citizen. This service works from any country in the world.

Advantages of Israel Virtual Phone Number

  1. Cheap incoming calls- unlike international calls, calling this phone number will cost the caller local rates only. While international calls cost 15 dollars to connect, all your callers will not be charged this fee. In addition, you as the recipient of the call will also not be charged for incoming calls which is amazing. However,this only works if you have a VoIP device or high speed internet connection. The fact that clients are able to reach you with local rates is good for business.
  2. Cheap outgoing calls- an Israel virtual number will enable you to make the cheapest international calls around. The pay-as-you-go service charges no taxes, no monthly fees and no hidden charges.
  3. Virtual business location- having a virtual number makes it possible to operate a business in Israel without actually being there. It is good for people who are testing the waters in the export industry. The Israel number will give clients faith that they are dealing with a local. You can have an Israel business code without physically setting up shop there which is not only convenient but economical as well.
  4. Better service to your customers- with an Israel phone number you will avail your clients better customer service. You can call them directly and they can reach you easily no matter where you are.

Features of a Dedicated Israel Phone Number Service

  • Call forwarding and transfer- you can have your calls forwarded to your mobile or landline in any country. The Israel virtual phone number comes with free caller ID and call forwarding.
  • Call-back tone- every caller on the number will hear a local call back tone .
  • Voicemail-you can use this number with voicemail. If you record your greetings, every call that comes in will be received as voicemail or even converted to an email you can sort out later. This will ensure you get all your calls even when you are not available.
  • Toll free number- you can have an Israel toll free number in any country .It is a bit expensive but it enables international clients to reach you toll free.
  • You can make conference calls from anywhere in the world.
  • You can schedule calls or set up a call queuing feature.

How to Set Up the Israel Phone Number

Getting a virtual Israel phone number is the easiest process in the world. If you have a VoIP device, it will even be easier to just get this number. However, if you do not have the device you can have the number transferred to your phone. No equipment are needed to do this set up and the process is completely free.

The process involves choosing a company that offers this service. Choose a number that you like from their inventory and sign up. The number will be activated in 60 seconds most of the time. This process is done online and will not have to go to Israel.

Getting an Israel phone number is great if you want to venture into business in Israel conveniently. It is also a great way for people who travel a lot to communicate with their clients and family without changing their number every time they travel. It is the cheapest most enjoyable way to communicate internationally at all times of day or night.


Build Your Own Call Forwarding Service with Twilio Twimlets

818fd455-b47c-4a62-9e3d-1a346e0f5e0eHello. Today, we’re going to use Twimlets to implement the benefits of call forwarding functionality where you can give out one phone number and Twilio will call multiple phones and connect the call to the first person who picks up and accepts the call. If no one picks up, the call goes to voicemail.

Twimlets are tiny web applications for Twilio that hold all the logic within a single URL. Because Twimlets are hosted by Twilio, there’s no need to set up your own server. Twimlets have been designed to be easily combined with each other. For this example, we’ll use the Simulring and Voicemail Twimlets and chain them together to build our app.

Simulring Twimlet

The Simulring Twimlet dials up to five phone numbers at once. The first person to pick up and accept the call gets connected to the caller. We’ll start by entering the phone numbers we want to call into the Twimlet generator. Let’s set up three of my phone numbers, home, work, and iPhone.

The Twimlet will play a short message to the first caller to answer and prompt them to press any key to pick up the call. There is a default message, but why don’t we set our own. Let’s go with, “Press one to answer this call.” What happens if I’m busy and can’t pick up any of my phones? If no one answers the call, the Twimlet  transfers the call to another URL which is the fail URL. We can use any URL for this, so we’re going to create a Voicemail Twimlet to put here. Let’s do that now.

Voicemail Twimlet

The Voicemail Twimlet plays a message to the caller and then records their voicemail and emails you the recording. It also lets you choose to receive a transcript of the voicemail. Let me enter my work email here and a message for the receiver and let’s have it transcribe this call. With that, we have the Voicemail Twimlet ready to go and we set this as the fail URL back in our Simulring Twimlet generator. We aren’t done yet.

We will need to set up our Twilio phone number to use this Twimlet. Let’s copy the Twimlet and do that now. I have a Twilio number here that I had purchased earlier. Let’s set the voice URL to be our Twimlet and with that, we have implemented our app using Twimlets and it took us less than three minutes to do it.

You can learn more about Twimlets at Start building your own call forwarding apps in just a few minutes without any code.

Will a Virtual Phone Number Work for You?

Random_Phone_Number_(334036713)Our last post I went over the RingCentral PBX and how to install, get my registration, get it all figured out so that you are good to go with a virtual phone number or international toll free number.

Today we are going to go one step further and do an actual call here and just show what’s involved to get set up so that you can function with your virtual phone number service.

Right now I am putting in my virtual phone number. They want a password here, and we are logging in.

Okay, I have made a couple contacts. If you had looked at my last post, this shows the 4:36 am. Yes I know we are doing it pretty early sometimes. We are going to do a phone call right now just to see how these messages actually are received in here. So that when you log in this is what you are going to see.

Woman’s voice over the phone: “If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time. For the operator press 0.”

Narrator: If you know from the last post that we just did a simple setup just to show how easy it was to use it.

Woman’s voice over the phone: “Thank you for calling Clear pathways. If you know your party’s extension, you may dia–” [beep]

Woman’s voice over the phone: “Please say your name after the tone. Press the down key after you finish recording” [beep]

Narrator: This is Chuck. This is a test.

Woman’s voice over the phone: “We will now try to connect you”

Narrator: Okay, so now we are on hold. You can see here –

Woman’s voice over the phone: “The call has been forwarded to the voice mail folder”

Narrator: You can see here the different options. You can go and delete calls or save them or block them. So If you are getting junk mail and you consistently get this number you can actually go ahead and block that number.

Okay, so now we are just about finished. And our phone call that we have just finished up should appear now in our RingCentral display.

So there we are at 10:20 and this is the phone call we have just added. It was a short one – 16 seconds. As you can see here now if I go and hit play.

Okay, so you heard that my earphones there said that it was the test or what have you. So anyhow you can manage that, you can go ahead and delete that. Obviously this one and another one here, these were all test calls, and we will just hit delete. It prompts me there whether I want to delete them or not.

There we go, so I have no messages now.

That’s the post for today. Just to show how to just be able to make a call. See the call show up. Have your caller ID, to see who it is. You can save these numbers as contacts, and again thank you for coming by. Thanks.

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